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Wash Out In Wrexham


Wash Out In Wrexham
A massive thank you and well done to all the athletes and parents who came to Wrexham on Saturday 8th July for the 3rd round of the YDL.
It certainly was a day of two halves, with the first half consisting of sunshine and blistering performances followed by an epic thunderstorm and insane rain meaning an abandoned match and tricky driving conditions out of Wrexham!
With 16 keen athletes we were looking forward to the opportunity of topping the points table for today and were delighted we would be able to run three strong relay teams but the biblical Wrexham weather meant it wasn’t to be.
Commiserations to Ed and Elin who’s 1200m was abandoned along with some of the field events and the 300m featuring Lydia and Sophie.
Full results will be out shortly
Photo is the team from Saturday